Modern Messaging Test Broker

Baggage XML

Baggage information can be exchanged using industry messaging standards. IATA/ACI have jointly developed a new message standard to support the aviation industry. The Test Broker provides a platform against which message brokers can be tested to ensure compliance with the standard.

Broker Testing

The Baggage Test Broker provides sample messages that are compliant with the latest RP1755 Baggage Event Notification message schema releases. Airport, Airline and other third party message brokers are welcome to connect to the Baggage Test Broker to test for compliance with the information exchange standard.


Access to the Baggage Test Broker is restricted to to registered users. Requests to access the testbed from industry participants are welcomed. Please use the contact page to submit your access request to IATA and ACI for approval.

Baggage Test Broker

This Baggage Test Broker service is provided by IATA and ACI as a central resource for testing MQTT broker compatibility for the RP1755 baggage information exchange standard.

The Baggage Test Node:

  • Is compliant with the latest IATA RP 1755 standard message schemas. More information can be found on the Baggage XML website.
  • Can be accessed by any MQTT client providing a valid security certificate.
  • Provides sample messages to support testing with your broker clients
Baggage XML