The Baggage Test Node is an MQTT message broker provided as a central platform against which to test baggage XML message broker implementations.

The Implementation guide for Baggage Information Exchange provides guidance for parties wishing to test their own broker installations. The Baggage Test broker supports testing to ensure compliance with relevant standards, including.

  • IATA Recommended Practice 1755 (XML Schema)
  • Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) (XML Schema)
  • Aviation Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS) Semantic Model
  • Technical Standards (MQTT messaging protocol, TLS/SSL security standards)
  • Functional Message Broker Capabilities (Publish-Subscribe, Authenticate, Authorise).

Registered users can connect to the Baggage Test Broker, subscribe to message topics to receive sample messages that are compliant with the latest IATA schemas and request validation of your own messages.

  • Test Strategy Documentation can be found in the IATA Baggage Information Exchange Implementation Guide.
  • Baggage Test Broker connection details are provided when registration requests are approved.
  • Test messages covering a range of baggage scenarios are published on the Baggage Test Broker so that registered users can subscribe, receive and test validation of the sample messages.

In addition to the test strategy guidance in the Implementation Guide, four basic tests have been documented to ensure brokers can connect to the Baggage Test Broker node. The test scripts for these tests are provided when registration requests for access to the Baggage Test Broker are approved.

  1. Test Scenario 1 – Connect to Baggage Test Broker
  2. Test Scenario 2 – Subscribe to Baggage Test Broker Messages
  3. Test Scenario 3 – Baggage Test Broker connect to your Broker
  4. Test Scenario 4 – Baggage Test Broker subscribes and verifies your message content